The KARMA. Leaf Gauge

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The ultimate tool to get accurate Centric Relation bite records.

The Huffman Dental Leaf Gauge is one of the most cost effective dental diagnostic tools you will ever use.
It is made of 56 individual Polyester strips numbered (1-56). Each leaf is 0.1mm thick – allowing a rapid reading to the operator in small enough increments to make it extremely accurate.

Easy to disinfect and sterilize with Autoclave for reuse. The device is highly valued by dental professionals as it is incrementally used in the process of occlusal equilibration, for the maintenance of vertical dimension in the recording of interocclusal records, the initial diagnosis of prematurities and of course to get accurate bite records in centric relation.

Each unit is high quality, made in the USA and developed by Dr. Richard W. Huffman.

1 Huffman Dental Leaf Gauge: € 30,-
2 Huffman Dental Leaf Gauges: € 55,-
5 Huffman Dental Leaf Gauges: € 120,-

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