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The KARMA. cafe

Together is better, and most and foremost more fun. And as dentistry nowadays can be really challenging on an operational, scientific, ethical, physical and mental level it is always a good thing to share your experiences with your dear colleagues. This is why we created Karma. Cafe.

Probably the most easy-going and accessible dental get-together in the Netherlands. We open up our office in Arnhem on a regular Friday afternoon, bring in an inspiring speaker, have some drinks and good food and create an atmosphere where we all can share.
Welcome to Karma. Cafe!

The 25th of October 2024 the next edition of Karma. Cafe will take place

the program

The program

8:00 PM We welcome you to the Karma. HQ with a small bite and drink
8:30 PM Lecture Jayand Soechitram – Aligners
9:30 PM Time voor some talk with other dentists and dentistry students
12:00 PM Closing time of the Karma. Café and for those who like to experience the nightlife in Arnhem with us, come along.

What does it cost?

As Karma. member you have free access to the Karma. Cafe.
Are you not Karma. member yet, you can buy an admission ticket for 15 euros at our webshop.

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