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karma on tour

In 2021 we started an ambitious project under the name Karma on Tour.

THE MISSION: show young and future dentists that we have one of the most awesome professions in the world, and the importance of post-graduate education.

THE EXECUTION: hire a workshop bus with 20 flatscreens, enormous subwoofers, disco dance floor, lasers and flamethrowers on the roof. Then invite 30 participants in the bus and give them free workshops, lectures, goodies but foremost an amazing evening.

next edition of Karma on Tour

Behind the scenes, we are hard at work for another great edition of karma on tour. Stay tuned!

Watch our videos from previous editions of Karma on Tour below.

Our next big event will be the Dental Expo 2026! The Dental Expo will take place from March 5 to 7.

See you there!

karma on tour

previous years

aftermovie 2022

aftermovie 2021

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