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Nature’s way of payback

what we do


You get what you give

‘You get what you give’. Perhaps the most easy explanation of how Karma defines our lives. The fact that we as dental professionals are fortunate to live our lives the way we do and that we are blessed with the joy in our work is unfortunately not the reality for everybody. We received so much from the people in our dental community already, we are simply obliged to also give something back.

That’s why we started the KARMA. Foundation. Our non-profit foundation contributes to the community in two ways:

  • Funding scientific research on important dental topics that stretch the boundaries of our biological knowledge.
  • Funding dental care for people that deserve dental care but don’t have the resources to pay for it.

Are you interested in helping or contributing to the foundation? Please get in touch with us by sending an email to

who we are


Maarten de Beer


Maarten de Beer graduated from the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in 2015. He currently works at two dental practices and his main focus is on restorative dentistry. It’s his goal and passion to achieve the best possible quality in every treatment and to make restorations invisible in the mouth. He documents most of his cases through photography. Besides his work at the dental chair he is a key-opinion leader for several dental companies and we often writes articles in Dutch dental magazines. On instagram you can find him as @thedentaldutchman

Jasper Thoolen


Jasper Thoolen graduated as a dentist from the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in 2016. He works in his practice Lassus Tandartsen Oisterwijk and his main focus is on restorative and reconstructive dentistry, digital smile design and digital workflow, orthodontics and implantology. Jasper is a renowned international speaker on a variety of dental meetings and symposia and is connected as a trainer to several post-academic education programs. Besides his work at the dental chair, he is also an author for a variety of dental magazines and key-opinion-leader for a variety of well-respected dental companies. Jasper is one of the five founders of the online education movement Karma.Dentistry.

Erik-Jan Muts


Erik-Jan Muts graduated Dentistry in 2013 at the State University in Groningen, the Netherlands. He is specialized in esthetic, restorative and intergrated dentistry and has his own private practice (MP3 Tandartsen) in Apeldoorn. In 2013 he won the 3M Espertise Talent Awards with the ‘Digital Rehabilitation Concept’ and in 2015 his article ‘Tooth Wear: A Systematic Review of Treatment Options’ was awarded with the Glen P. McGivney Scientific Writing Award for the best systematic review in 2014. Erik-Jan is a boardmember of the Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (DAED), affiliate of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and co-founder of KARMA Dentistry. You can find Erik-Jan on Instagram using the name @drs.erikjan

Core Management

Elisah Rasing

Operational Manager

Elisah is responsible for the daily operations of the Karma.Dentistry platform. She is the driving force behind the organization of our courses and events. You can directly email her on


Nurcan Yilmaz


Nurcan Yilmaz graduated as a dentist in 2011 and currently works as a restorative specials in her own clinic Daniels Tandheelkunde. In 2019 she got her accreditation as a restorative specialist by the EPA and in 2022 by the NVVRT. In recent years she specialized in the reconstructive and esthetic dentistry, but because of her own interest she also specialized in dentistry for professional athletes. She is a regular seen speaker and trainer in the Netherlands where she lectures about a wide variety of topics.

Martin Grobler


Martin Grobler: A Dentistry Odyssey
I am Martin Grobler, and my life has been a captivating journey through the intricate world of dentistry, shaped by diverse experiences that have broadened my perspective and deepened my passion for healthcare.

South African Roots and Academic Milestone
Born and raised in the enchanting landscapes of South Africa, my academic journey led me to graduate proudly from the prestigious University of Witwatersrand in 2016.

A Year of Service
In 2017, freshly graduated, I immersed myself in the frontlines of healthcare, serving in hospitals, satellite clinics, and outreach programs. This year not only solidified my commitment to the field but also shaped my approach to dentistry.

Unique Outlook and Skill Development
South Africa's diverse patient base and resource limitations fueled my innovation and taught me the importance of collaboration and teamwork in delivering exceptional healthcare services.

From Complex Surgeries to European Specialization
Working closely with an esteemed oral maxillofacial surgeon in South Africa, I gained expertise in complex surgeries. Later, I specialized in restorative dentistry and achieved a Master's in Implantology in Europe. With these skills I am lucky enough to co lecture at my own course and am one of the instructors at an implantology course .

Dedication Beyond Dentistry
Today, I am a practice owner, Chef de Clinique for quality in multiple practices, and an oral surgeon and implantologist. But my passion extends beyond the dental chair. I am committed to mentoring and sharing knowledge with the next generation of dental professionals, with the unwavering support of my dedicated team and dental assistants.

Dr. Jayand Soechitram


Dr. Jayand Soechitram is a specialist in the field of Aligner Orthodontics. He maintains his multidisciplinary clinic in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since his graduation from the ACTA, Dental School in Amsterdam, he is trained in conventional Orthodontics and later in Aligner Orthondontics. For his prosthodontics training he completed the Spear Education Program. He got his Implant training at the University of Michigan and and went on as a lecturer in Implant surgery and prosthetics.
With his lectures and statement “Ortho First”, he has lectured internationally and promotes to start with Orthodontic treatment before doing Prosthodontics. With this concept he is changing the way patients are treated. He created the masterclass “Contrast Aligner Courses" where he is committed to educate colleagues to emphasize the details in treatment planning and mostly in his Aligner Treatment Planning.

Naomi Doelen


Maartje Brands


Mart Ramaekers


Kees Pameijer


Wiebe Derksen