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With Erik Schut, Peter Thoolen, Jeroen de Haas, Jasper Thoolen (jtdentistry) and guests.


The human body is a beautiful organism. Beautiful, and very complex to understand. In health-care we should never forget this, and we should always consider the mouth as a small piece of this whole and beautiful organism.

This is where Integrated is all about. It’s about our journey in understanding the human body and the connection with dentistry. And the more we learn, the more we realize that there is still so much to discover.

Karma.Integrated is not a finished course. It’s a continuing education-platform from where we host our ongoing journey and we invite you to join us. Of course, we have recorded a few basic lessons to give you a good start, given by reknowned University-teacher Erik Schut – who is a clinicial, psycho-neuro immunologist, which are both in English and (later in) Dutch. And in addition to these lessons we recorded a series of special webinars and podcasts with a variety of special guests with challenging topics.

New webinars and/or podcasts will be added every month and are exclusively recorded for the Karma.Integrated course.

Do you want to know more about immunology, vitamin supplements, the connection between chronic diseases and periodontitis, oromyofunctional therapy, psychology and a lot more topics that we encounter in our daily practice? Do you want to help us restore the position of dentistry in general healthcare by understanding the role of the mouth in the human body? And do you want all this knowledge packed in simple, ready-to-use clinical protocols and advice? Then please sign up with a one-time fee that gives you life-long and unlimited access to our Karma.Integrated platform.

Free episode of one of our podcasts:

what do I get

  • Access to the base-course and monthly podcasts
  • Attendee gets life-long access to the basic course given by Erik Schut, and access to the monthly podcasts.
  • For dentist and dental hygienist
  • Study load: approximately 8 hours
  • Needed special requirements: None
  • Qualifications to be obtained: None
  • No accreditation

    Karma. members receive 10% discount

    learning objectives

    • Understanding the role of stress
    • Understanding the role of the immune system
    • Understanding the role of sleep, nutrition and behavioral aspects on the human body
    • Understanding the basics of KPNI
    • Understanding the relationship between the human body and the mouth.

    Course price € 399,-

    Our cancellation policy can be found at Terms and Conditions