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Become an Infiltration Master

with Erik-Jan Muts (@drs.erikjan)

intro video

Did you start using ICON but did you have unpredictable results? This course will give you a better understanding of enamel defects, how to diagnose and treat them. There will be focus on the infiltration of both proximal and vestibular lesions. Combined with bleaching, micro-abrasion and cosmetic bonding there is a solid treatment protocol for all different situations, no matter how difficult.

what do I get

  • 12 Online modules
  • 8 Webinars
  • Digital course manual for each webinar
  • Infiltration Book (worth €399,-)*
  • Quiz after each module
  • 12-month online access & support
  • Study load about 60 hours**
  • Containing 14 hours of lectures
  • Digital Protocols for each module
  • Material Box (worth €300,-)
  • Certificate after completion
  • KRT: In progress

Karma. members receive 10% discount

*Book is still in production estimated delivery beginning 2024
**This will be different for every student individually

Online Hands-on – 14th of November 2024 (20:00 – 22:00 CET)
On this day I will perform both a Webinar and a Hands-on. The whole session will be recorded, so no worries if you won’t be able to join.

learning objectives

  • The process of enamel formation during the amelogenesis
  • The anatomical structure of the enamel layer and their characteristics
  • Different enamel defects that can occur, including:
    • Demineralisation
    • Hypomaturation
    • Hypoplasia
  • The neccessity of rubberdam isolation with the infiltration technique
  • Tips & tricks for rubberdam isolation with lingual retainers
  • How to diagnose different enamdel defects
  • Post-eruptive hypomineralisations, including:
    • Proximal carious lesions (non-cavitated, partially cavitated and fully cavitated)
    • Vestibular carious lesions (non-cavitated, partially cavitated and fully cavitated)
  • Pre-eruptive hypomineralisations, including:
    • Fluorosis
    • Traumatic Hypomineralisations
    • Molar Incisor Hypomineralisations
  • Bleaching and the combination with infiltration
  • Micro-abrasion and the effect on the enamel
  • Infiltration and ways to optimise the esthetic result
  • Cosmetic bonding and the combination with infiltration
  • How to set up a proper treatment plan
  • What failures you shouldn’t make

“Every enamel defect becomes easy after this course!”

Nurcan Yilmaz, Dentist, The Netherlands

whats’ inside the material box?

  • 1  ICON Infiltration Intro Kit Vestibular (DMG)
  • 2  OpalCups (UltraDent)
  • 1  Asteria Estelite Intro Kit (Tokuyama)
  • 1  Composite Flat Brush (#00) Straight (MPF)
  • 1  Composite Instrument Arte Modella (LM)
  • 1  Diacomp Plus Twist Medium-Large (EVE)
  • 1  Diacomp Plus Twist Fine-Large (EVE)
  • 1  Tooth with a Superficial Hypomineralisation
  • 1  KARMA. Pumice
  • 1  Spray can with compressed air
  • 1  Composite Brush #24 Double-Ended (Tokuyama)*

The Material Box has a purchasing value of 300,– euros and is not available for sale.
* Composite Brush (#24) Double-Ended is autoclavable up to 10 times according to the manufacturer.

Below you will find a short video about the Material Box:

what does it look like?

Curious how the webinars look like? Below you will find a short preview.

This webinar is small intro part of the Treatment Planning webinar (Module 8) of the Infiltration Online course.

Course price € 999,-

Our cancellation policy can be found at Terms and Conditions

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