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Fradeani Education

With Mauro Fradeani (@fradeanieduction), Leonardo Bacherini (@leonardo_bacherini), Stefano Gori (@stefanogori1), Roberto Turini (@dottrobertoturrini), Daniele Gensini (@drgensini), Federico Emiliani (@dr_emiliani), Niccolò Rizzi (@drniccolorizzi), Claudio Farnararom(@endodontics_claudio_farnararo), Francesco Piras (@drfrancescopiras), Mauro Fadda and Michele Buda (@dr.michelebuda)

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  • Advised level of expertise: dentist
  • 11 lectures of approximately 60 minutes
  • The lectures in this course will available for an unlimited period
  • Study load: Approximately 11 hours
  • Needed special requirements: None
  • Qualifications to be obtained: None
  • 11 lectures of approximately 60 minutes. It’s not necessary to purchase any materials for this course.
  • Accreditation: KRT points in progress
  • Certificate after completion

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learning objectives

  • The combination of strategic factors for a successful prosthetic rehabilitation
  • The prosthetic rehabilitation of compromised dentition: the balance between function, esthetics and long-term results
  • Immediate single tooth replacement in the esthetic area
  • Discolored teeth in the esthetic field: the combination of bleaching with direct and indirect adhesive treatments
  • Cervical margin recovery and surgical extrusion: how to deal with compromised teeth in the posterior area
  • Long term follow-up of prothetic restorations: the role of saliva and the interpretation of DMF-T index
  • The visuals game: marketing, photo, video and emotions
  • Modern endodontics: the importance of knowledge of anatomy, technology and techniques
  • Minimally invasive endodontics: modern techniques and new horizons
  • Non-surgical management of gingival contours in prosthetic and implant dentistry
  • Ortho-prosth connections: how orthodontics can make our life easier

Course price € 249,-

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