Mart Ramaekers – Principles of Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is based on nature. In the attempt of recreating what is lost or preservering what is still intact we need to look at the reference, the intact tooth. Biomimetic Dentistry is the restorative dental science which restores damaged and decayed teeth with restorations which conserve the biology (pulp), and restore the function, esthetics and mechanics of an intact tooth. Based on this model, everything else will be towards respecting this organ, and copying it.
Conserving more of the intact tooth is paramount to this approach, which is synonymous with adhesion. Similar to the intact natural tooth, an adhesively-restored tooth is better able to handle and manage functional stresses. A biomimetically-restored tooth eliminates gaps under restorations and cracks into dentin that develop as a result of deformation and stress concentrations, reducing or eliminating postoperative pain and sensitivity and preserving vitality, as bacteria are not able to invade and de-vitalize the tooth.
Main goal of this presentation will focus on the stress-reducing protocols and bond-maximizing protocols which facilitate perfect adhesion. The purpose of using biomimetic restorative concepts and protocols is to increase the longevity of restorative dental treatments and to reduce or eliminate future cycles of retreatment.