Learning the 2nd Finger Notes

In the second position, the first finger should be placed where the second finger is placed in first position. In third position, the first finger should be placed where the third finger is placed in first position.

When you’re playing the second finger, you have to listen very carefully that you play it high enough. Most of the time people are playing too low in the beginning.

  1. Play a down-bow with your first finger in second position on the Dstring (on the note F) to sound out the tonic note.
  2. Make a whole step to note G for finger 2, and observe that finger 2 lands exactly on your next tape (which originally marked the spot for finger 3 but has been temporarily taken over).
  3. Make another whole step to land finger 3 on the next tape or dot.
  4. Place finger 4 very close by to finger 3 (because it’s only a half-step away), probably touching the side of finger 3.