Learning the 1st Finger Notes

If you are reading notes, this is what the first fingers look like when you play a first finger on every string. … The only difference is: we only use A, B, C, D, E, F, G When you are going one step higher from the G ( just like the G string to the first finger on the G string) you’re starting again with the letter A.

If you hear closely, you’ll notice the string will sound higher if you put a finger on the string.

Your fingers have to be in a right position on the strings to make the rights notes. I will show you a picture on which you can see the right position on the strings.

Put your index finger where the image starts:

Violin Fingering Chart

First, look very good to the position of the fingers. Then, make sure your index finger is on the place as you can see on the picture. Your wrist must be straight! This is very important. As you can see on the picture: the first finger is not at the beginning of the string but a little bit higher.