A Case From My First Makeover Show | 2006

In 2006 the very first episode, one of 13, aired on prime time evening TV on TVI. Portugal’s leading television network. For the first time ever we showed how advanced dentistry could be life changing. With a 6 month production time, wich is unheard of today, we managed to do complex implant dentistry cases. combined with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, stylists, personal trainers and much more we truly made history.

I was proud to be the creator and producer of this amazing show that went on to do 3 seasons on TVI and then evolved into DR White on SIC, another leading network for another 2 seasons till 2012. A total of 76 lives changed forever with amazing results. Many of these patients still come to White Clinic for their follow ups 14 years later. we always did things ethically and with great results. A little historical note, notice the black T shirt.

In 2006 I don’t know of any dentist in the world using black. Today it’s the norm. I’m proud to have set the standards for so many dentists in Portugal and around the world. This was 4 years before Facebook became what it is today. Today we still keep on pushing the boundaries. I look at this and see how far we have come in terms of set up, for example how we prepare an operatory. The rules have changed a lot in 14 years and technology also, but the science is still solid.