Smiling is Happiness | Dr. Miguel Stanley at the White Clinic

Did you know that Dentistry is the only medical speciality that can fix a broken smile without antidepressants or psychotherapy? Smiling is Happiness! Having a beautiful smile means so much more than just having nice teeth! It means happiness and health, and those are the things that make us live life to the fullest. Self-esteem and happiness aside, having a nice smile is also crucial to keeping our body in good health.

Having misaligned or decaying teeth can have serious effects on our posture, mastication process and speech. Luckily, there’s a lot that can be done nowadays to correct a misaligned smile, and with new technologies that are at our disposal, it’s even possible to plan a smile and see how it will look before the procedure. We do this every day at the White Clinic® and one of the most rewarding parts of being a dentist is to see the patients’ faces when they realize what a transformation their smile has been through!