How to Hold the Violin and the Bow

  • The violin is held horizontally (parallel with the floor) and is angled to the left of a straight forward position.
  • Place the violin on your left collar bone (some violinists prefer the soft spot just behind the collar bone), and rest the left side of your jaw on the chin rest.
  • Many violinists find shoulder rests helpful to hold up the violin, and there are a variety of shoulder rests available. Some violinists use round make-up sponges (attached with rubber bands), and others use shoulder rests that feel most comfortable to them. Visit our Music Store – Violin Shoulder Rests for sample styles.

Left Hand Tips

  • The elbow should be under the center of the violin.
  • Keep the wrist gently rounded.
  • Avoid resting the wrist against the violin neck.
  • The thumb should be opposite the first or second finger.
  • Maintain a curved, open space between the thumb and index finger (a backwards “C”).