Erik-Jan Muts – The Infiltration Concept

Since graduation Erik-Jan fell in love with minimal invasive dentistry. Working with the high magnification (microscope) and biomimetic techniques became part of his daily routine. Enamel abnormalities and discolorations can be very esthetically compromising, but treatment seemed to be rather invasive (veneers) or with a sometimes unpredictable outcome (infiltration only).
The quest for a successful and reliable treatment of enamel hypomineralisations started in 2014. After experiencing both success and failures with different treatment options, Erik-Jan decided to find the solution in the combination of techniques. Since 2016 a successful protocol with micro-abrasion, bleaching, trans-illumination, infiltration and restoration is used. The biggest secret lies within meticulous analysis of the porosity upon which the treatment protocol will be adjusted.
During this lecture Erik-Jan will give an overview of all the different enamel hypomineralisations that can be treated with the infiltration concept. What rationale is behind the protocol and when do we need to adjust it? What crucial steps will make the difference? Be able to create beautiful smiles and help your patients get rid of yellow or white enamel discolorations. Brace yourself for the finest of minimal invasive dentistry!