Biography of Dr. Matt Nejad & Paulo Battistella

Biomimetic 2022 Dr. Matt Nejad

Dr. Matt Nejad is an expert biomimetic and esthetic dentist practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and serves as a Scientific Advisor to mentor and train dentists. He provides education and training in Biomimetic Dentistry through the Nejad Institute for Biomimetic Dentistry.

Dr. Nejad received his DDS degree from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry (University of Southern California School of Dentistry) in 2010. As a student, Dr. Nejad was mentored in a selective program run by Dr. Pascal Magne, known globally as the leading authority in esthetic dentistry and credited as the “father” of biomimetic dentistry.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Nejad has committed substantial time and energy to advance the practice, education, and development of Biomimetic Dentistry. The Nejad Institute provides training and mentorship for dentists interested in learning Biomimetic Dentistry.

Today, Dr. Nejad is considered one of the top opinion leaders in the dental industry and he is a member of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP). His areas of research and interest are adhesion, polymerization stress, residual stress, biomechanics, occlusion, and esthetics.

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Biomimetic 2022 Paulo Battistella

Paulo Battistella, M.D.T. is a dental technician who was born and raised in Brazil. He is a specialist in Laminated Porcelain and Ceramic Veneers and provides assistance and training to technicians and dentists around the world.

He graduated from the Methodist Institute of Higher Education as a Technologist in Maxillofacial Prosthesis in 1993. He then graduated as a Master Dental Technician and Ceramist from the Paulo Kano Institute in 2004, a highly selective program only available to the top technicians. By 2008, Paulo had developed a strong reputation as an expert Master Ceramist.

His passion for furthering his training and expertise next led him to Osaka, Japan where he worked on developing his skills in textures, shapes, and surfaces for his ceramic restorations under the training of the world-renowned technician and author, Mr. Shigeo Kataoka. Mr. Kataoka is known by ceramists worldwide for his developments and contributions to mimicking natural teeth with ceramic restorations. Paulo then began to deepen his own studies of the natural tooth, eventually authoring the “Keep It Simple Concept: Porcelain Book” in 2016 in which he explains the optimal process to recreate the layers and structure of natural teeth with ceramics. This was the first time that anyone explained the technique of mimicking the natural tooth layers (Enamel, Dentin, DEJ) with ceramics in their natural thicknesses and optical properties.

In Zurich, Switzerland in 2017, Paulo was elected by founder Mr. Willi Geller to the elite and exclusive group of top technicians in the world known as the “Oral Design Group”. This group has an extremely rich and prestigious history over the last 42 years, with only 120 professionals meeting the criteria and expertise to be invited to join. Paulo joined the team at Helm Nejad Stanley Dentistry in Beverly Hills in May 2019.

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